Giant Squid
What is the genre
of this book?
Who wrote this book?
By Mary M. Cerullo ( )
and Clyde F. E. Roper ( )

Smithsonian Ocean Portal:
What happens in the book?
This sea monster is real. It lurks in the freezing black depths of underwater canyons. Nearly 50 feet long, it hunts with its long arms and tentacles. Its powerful suckers leave giant round scars on those that live through a battle with it. But this enormous beast, with its huge, strange eyes, remains hidden from humans. We rarely see it and know little of its ways. What is this monster? The giant squid. This famed member of the cephalopod group has a history of frightening fishermen, starring in fictional adventure tales, and keeping scientists guessing. What is the story of this mythic creature? Why is it so hard to study? What secrets does it keep? Clyde Roper, ocean scientist and squid expert, has been seeking this secretive creature for decades. Come along as he and other researchers unravel its mysteries."

The scientists follow the scientific method to answer their question and prove their hypotheses.
What are the big ideas of the book?
Look at the Table of Contents:
A Creature of Colossal Size
Early Clues
Meet the Squid Hunter
What Autopsies Reveal
Seeking out the Giant Squid’s Relatives
Diving Deeper
Follow the Food
Taking the Bait
The Hunt Continues
What are the main points for each section?
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